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Character driven, psychological drama of three strangers getting lost in the desert.

No rating (likely PG13)


Geoffrey Scott Brown ("Fast Forward" on ABC Special, "Perfect Moment" a feature film and a guest star on "Jag",) Grey Beeson, and Frankie Ray; and costarring: George Randall ("Con Air", "Indian in the Cupboard" with guest appearances in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Women", "High Mountain Rangers" and "Northern Exposure".)

Shot on 35 mm film, stereo mix (not only music --  but all of the sound!); the Inter Negative is ready for striking release prints off it; D-1 letterbox and full frame in PALL and NTSC completed. Running Time:  102'40 minutes (2 minute trailer also available). Artwork:  Poster (28/40 Inch 300dpi) and video sleeves available.