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A film of a story in which hope and destiny become as maddening as a desert mirage.

Inside each of us lurks the potential for truth or deceit, for compassion or cruelty, and their interplay ultimately forms our identities and guides our fates.  In this psychological drama, three drifting strangers find themselves as unlikely partners on a search for a destination and a future.  The boundary between illusion and truth blurs as the characters travel  down an unforgiving and misleading stretch of desert highway, bringing out the best ... and the worst in each of them.  The struggle of facing the past and avoiding what  seems to be an unfortunate destiny becomes a game of life and death in the maze of the Devil's Playground.

Participating  Film Festivals:

Santa  Barbara International Film Festival

Tacoma/Seattle Film Festival (WA)
   plaid as opening night film

Columbus International Film Festival
   receives Honorable Mention -- Award is given by the judging panel to productions "of significant value and merit".

Detroit  International Film Festival

Welsh International Film Festival (UK)

Huelva Film Festival  (Spain)

FLIXTOUR "FLIXtour , a traveling film festival"

New  York International Independent Film Festival
   awarded Best Cinematography

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