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Nathaniel Courtens


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First Feature Film
Devil's Playground - psychological drama (103')
producer, writer, director, editor, supervising sound editor and mixer.


Short Film Credits
Fred - documentary personal portrait of an Afro-American who has retired from the marines. Film focuses on his opinions and unique personality. (15')
director, cinematographer, camera operator, editor.
Phil Sobel - portrait of a musician living in LA. (14')
cinematographer and camera operator.
Charles Bussy - portrait of a Afro-American writer and US veteran. (15')
cinematographer and camera operator.
The Third Chase - action suspense film (1')
director, camera operator and editor.
Lint Trap - children's suspense film (25')
camera operator.
Democracy In America - experimental film (16')
camera operator.
Integrity - suspense film, bank robbery (24')
edit assistant and mix supervisor.



Awards & Recognitions


  • Regional nomination for the Student Academy Award in 1992, for the short documentary "FRED".
  • Dore Sharey Award Nomination (1992).
  • First Prize for "Fred" Film Contest at Brooks (1992).
  • Winner of Brooks Institute of Photography Photo-Portfolio Contest (1991).


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